Lovely Cat & Fish Tea Mug

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Do you happen to love tea and cat at the same time? 

    Lovely Cat & Fish Tea Mug is our premium product designed as a lovely cat eat a fish into its belly. The mug cover is the head of the cat, while the cat tail is the handle of the mug to keep you from heat injury.

    Pour the water in and you will see the little fish swimming inside the mug. Forget about your old tea bags and enjoy drinking fresh full flavored tea. Your tea experience will never be the same! 

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    Capacity: 250ml (8.8oz)
    Dimensions: 12.5cm x 8.6cm x 11.9cm
    Temperature: -68ºF to 392ºF (-30ºC to 120ºC)
    Material: Wheat fiber, heat resistant high borosilicate glass

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