Vortex Power Protein Mixer

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Did you know the minimum recommended daily protein intake for adult men is 56 grams while for women is 46 grams?

Drinking protein shake is an easy way to add more protein to your diet throughout the day, especially when you have limited access to quality high-protein foods. 

Equipped with a powerful electric mixer, Vortex Power Protein Mixer will help you prepare your perfect protein shakes without any hassle. You can even choose AAA batteries-operated or USB rechargeable. Both are great, just USB rechargeable is always more energy-efficient.

Pick your preferred power spec from the drop-down menu above and click the  ADD TO CART  button to place your order now.

*For the Batteries-Operated, AAA batteries are NOT included
*The ONLY difference between the product variants is the power spec, everything else is the same

Power Specs: AAA Batteries-Operated / USB-Rechargeable

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